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Episode One

Planet of Self-Destruction!

Why does every day have to start with yet another rant about the state of Doctor Who now that Jodie Whittaker has taken over the TARDIS. But soft reboot or not, Rob's impassioned but misguided arguments fall upon the deaf and numb ears of Mike and his new friend Kim, a funky cos-playing, comic-loving, self-confessed nerd. At first Rob is suspicious of Kim and her "unusual" ways, but after he quizzes her on her fandom credentials, their friendship looks set to last a long time.


Episode Two

Attack of the Space Cow!

Comic books have always been a joy to read, or have they? According to Kim, that is the main reason they are published in the first place, but Rob and Mike seem to have other ideas. The conversation soon turns to the latest Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and discussion of a most disturbing trend in sci-fi fan fiction...

Episode Three

Robots of Menace!

How do you solve a problem like Rob? Mike's solution is to "teach" Kim about the inner workings of fandom and how things can sometimes go disastrously wrong. Left feeling a little more patronised than should be strictly necessary, Kim suggests the gang all go out to see a film, but is concerned by Mike's sudden need to curb his spending.


Episode Four

Invasion of the Terrorbots!

Mike is torn between his love of all things nerdy and his new-found interest in rugby - as evidenced by him turning up to the coffee shop dressed in a flashy new jersey. Rob suspects the new fashion statement has more to do with Mike's boyfriend, while Mike feels that Rob doesn't see him for him. Who will be proven correct?


Episode Five

A Suggestion of Hammers!

A casual board game leads to heated opinions on various social levels of fandom - who is seen as cool to hang out with, and who should be avoided at all costs. But it isn't enough to criticise the odd habits of the mysterious Treorchy Timelords. This time it gets personal when an old acquaintance of Rob and Mike shows up at the coffee shop and Kim wonders who is being the real jerk in the situation.


Episode Six




Episode Seven

The Ultimate Paradox (Part One)

It is convention time again and this time, Mike, Rob and Kim are heading off to see ...


Episode Eight

The Ultimate Paradox (Part Two)



Episode Nine




Episode Ten




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