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Episode One


Planet of Self-Destruction

Why does every day have to start with yet another rant about the state of Doctor Who now that Jodie Whittaker has taken over the TARDIS? But "soft reboot" or not, Rob's impassioned yet misguided arguments fall upon the deaf and numb ears of Mike and his new friend Kim, a funky cos-playing, comic-loving, self-confessed nerd.


Rob is suspicious of Kim and her unusual ways, but after quizzing her at length on her "fandom credentials", their friendship looks set to last a long time.


Episode Two

Attack of the Space Cow

Hermetically sealed up in plastic bags with cardboard backers... is that really the only  way fans should appreciate comic books?


After a difficult day at at the call centre - and a night of drinking the experience off in the pub - Rob proves once again that nothing can ever detract from his outspoken personality.  But what exactly is his gripe with the Star Wars franchise and why should Mike and Kim let Rob's opinions impact their plan to get together to view The Last Jedi on Blu-ray?

Episode Three


Robots of Menace

If life is like a box of chocolates... is fandom more like a cherry bakewell?

Rob has been banned from the Doctor Who forum... again! Kim wants to explore the calm and tranquil space inside her new interpersonal relationships, and Mike has supposedly traded in his iPhone X for the more retro beauty of a trusty old Blackberry.

In a topsy-turvy universe, it is all-systems go as the three friends explore what it truly means to be a geek in the 21st century.

Episode Four


Invasion of the Terrorbots

"I have known you for the best part of a decade, and a red rugby top is not you. A red Star Trek top, maybe..."

Mike decides it is time to completely embrace his partner's love of the sport and shows up at the coffee shop flaunting not only the national colours of the Welsh team but also a brand new attitude that some of his friends will just have to get used to.

Episode Five


A Suggestion of Hammers

Does fandom have its own internal hierarchy? Are there those who are just that little bit nerdier than the rest of us, or those who are somewhat less geeky? Are there differences between types of fandoms? And what of former fans who have since turned professional and now work on the intellectual property that forms the basis of their former fandom?

Rob and Mike have been fans for a long time, and often like to point to the fact that their views are somehow rooted in an unseen rulebook that has its own strict etiquette. But what happens when two seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum collide on the very same games night in the café?

Episode Six


Target: Apocalypse

When Rob joins Kim and her friend Paz in the café, the result is a playful debate over the age gap between them and "20th century" vs "millennial" fandom. Paz, who self-identifies as a "geek" rather than a "nerd" leaves Rob baffled and Kim stuck in the middle to enlighten both of them to the other's foibles.

Mike meanwhile meets up with his old pal, Gerlinde to see if she still has any connections at the BBC who can help bolster his flagging ego. But as Gerlinde tells him, she's moved on, and it is a shame he can't do the same.


Episode Seven

The Ultimate Paradox (Part One)

The gang meet to make plans to attend "Turn Left", a mixed media science fiction convention in Cardiff. Kim is feeling competitive knowing that her cos-playing nemesis, Little Miss Manga 56 will be in attendance and most-likely sporting a very expensive costume. Given that one of her all-time movie idols is scheduled to be there, Kim plans to go as the memorable character of Ursa from Superman I and II.

But on the day, as the usual convention mayhem ensues, things are not as they seem, and at least for Mike, they also aren't likely to go exactly as expected...


Episode Eight

The Ultimate Paradox (Part Two)

Mike's enthusiasm over reconnecting with someone he thought was an old friend quickly turns into despondency. Either it's been too long and she just doesn't recognise him, or perhaps he never made as big an impression or connection as he thought...

Meanwhile, Paz becomes star struck when she is sent to get Sarah Douglas' autograph and accidentally makes a mess of Kim's rare edition comic book, much to Rob's continuing amusement. At the end of the day, friendships are re-evaluated and certain relationship wheels are set in motion...


Episode Nine

The All New Adventures of Space Cat!

Rob is depressed that his job as a "phone monkey" is suddenly in jeopardy due to his tardiness and somewhat debauched lifestyle. Mike is feeling the pressure of his significant other to take steps towards making new commitments, and Kim has news that will forever change the dynamic between her and her two friends. Tempers flare when Marvin turns up to congratulate Kim on her new role and amazing performance and in the heat of the moment, Rob ends up saying a few things that he knows he will regret later.


Episode Ten

Escape to Danger

Marvin drops by the café in order to give Kim a present but finds only Rob sitting alone, contemplating his lonely existence after shunning the help of his friends. Moments later, it seems like an intervention is about to take place, but instead it is a string of personal revelations that the three friends share. Some bitter truths come to light and the real meaning of fandom is explored.

Convention Trailer

An exclusive trailer for Episodes 7 and 8.

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