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Episode One

Destination Mars!

Doctor Who fans are all the same... or are they? Damien, Rob and Mike are three forty-something followers of science fiction and fantasy who love (and love to hate) basically everything to do with their favourite films and shows, both past and present - particularly if it has anything to do with BBC television's 'Doctor Who'. In this first installation of the series, the guys discuss attending an up-coming convention and what, in their collective opinion, constitutes and defines a "true fan".


Episode Two

A Deadly Kind of Passion!

Mike, Damien and Rob, (aka: Men Behaving Sadly), meet once again in their favourite coffee shop to put the world to rights. The burning questions of the best James Bond and most "shaggable" Doctor Who companion get addressed... But K9? Really? How? And more importantly... Why?


Episode Three

Assignment Fear!

Damien is all a-flutter over an "announcement" that is setting all fandom alight, and annoyed that Rob doesn't really seem all that bothered. As usual, Mike seems to know more than he's letting on. Yet, our Men-Behaving-Sadly reach new heights of nerdiness, tempered only by the somewhat unexpected arrival of Damien's long-suffering partner, Rachel. So, what is the mysterious announcement and will the Internet ever recover from the potential meltdown? And just how many "shits" can Rachel truly give?


Episode Four

An Appointment with Excitement!

​Damien just can't resist the "Talons of Evil-Bay", but what toy - oops, SORRY! - what "collectible" has he bought this time, and more importantly, how much did it cost him? Should Rob and Mike be concerned that one of Damien's "collectibles" seems to have a mind of its own?


Episode Five

Seek, Locate, Destroy!

Everyone is a fan of something, aren't they? And fans of one thing respect fans of another, don't they? So, why is it that Mike is having trouble sharing news of his budding relationship with his two oldest and most scrupulous mates?


Episode Six

A Gamble with Disaster!

Rob and Damien have finally escaped the confines of the coffee shop because Mike has requested a clandestine meeting down in Cardiff Bay in front of blessed Ianto's Shrine (Sob! It still hurts!). What is this "mysterious" something that he has to tell them? 


With Rob moaning about the cold, their best option to warm up inside the Doctor Who Experience, but which ex-Doctor Who companion is Damien thinking of stalking now?


Episode Seven

The Three Wise Men! (An Anoraks Christmas)

A veritable Miniscope Minisode!


When Mike is at a loss as to what to get his boyfriend for their first Christmas together,  he messages his two best friends for some helpful advice. Soon the conversation turns to their hopes, dreams, fears and expectations of the upcoming Christmas episode.


Episode Eight

The Web of Terror!

Rob meets Mike at the coffee shop, completely forgetting that Damien has other plans that day. As fate would have it, the conversation turns to the many rumours centred on the casting of the next Doctor to take over from Peter Capaldi.


Despite Mike's own personal favourite choice of Tilda Swinton, Rob remains resolute in his belief that a "woman" would be less-than-ideal casting. But when a good friend of Mike's turns up at the coffee shop with some inside information, will it be sufficient to convince him otherwise?


Episode Nine

The Heartbreak Squad

Damien is so excited to attend a signing by Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, that he actually forgets the real reason he took the day off. A bad decision seems to spawn bad consequences and threatens to completely overshadow Mike's really big news.


Episode Ten

The Ultimate Foe!

The boys head off to Pelacon in Swansea, a weekend-long Doctor Who convention, but  dealing with his time-out with Rachel, Damien doesn't at first feel in a celebratory mood.

Drunken room discussions turn to future prospects. Is Rob's job really at stake? Will Mike make a success of his move? And will Jodie Whittaker be the best Doctor there has ever been?

[Special guest appearances help mark the longest episode in the series to date.]

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