Production Notes

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

by Ed Sinclair (director and co-writer)

I almost thought that this day would never come! Actually, that isn't exactly true, but you might know what I mean if you have ever tried to arrange something, poured your heart and soul into it, only for it to be delayed and delayed. When it does finally happen there is this massive sense of relief but also, one of mild surprise. Well, I experienced both over the weekend.

Just to roll cameras - and yes, we are now shooting with multiple cameras - after waiting such a long time, has been brilliant. Seeing months of preparations and planning, writing and rewrites, developing characters and story arcs, all come together live and in front of my eyes by a very talented cast, was practically jaw-dropping. It is a lovely, warm and fuzzy feeling!

I have to say, Brian, Andeas and Sarah have all worked very hard to bring their characters to life, and in the boys' case, to revisit characters that haven't seen the light of day in a year since we last shot a full episode. The relationship between Rob and Mike is completely seamless from the end of series one, though obviously things have moved on since Damien and Rachel have relocated to Aberdeen. Mike is now good friends with Kim and it is a friendship that both irks and intrigues Rob, who at first feels, understandably, left out.

I have just seen the rushes from the day's recordings and have spent a half hour taking a few random stills from it, which are presented on this page, along with some rambling thoughts from "yours truly". One thing that strikes me is the amount of light in the episodes and that is all down to filming in our very own location, for which we are so incredibly grateful. While we loved the Little Man Coffee Shop in the city centre, we also respected that they were trying to run a business, and so knew that all good things must come to an end. So, after a handful of episodes shot in the basement of the cafe, we figured that it was time to seek out a location that we could have more control over and call our own. The Corner is an odd place but brilliant in a way. It is a community space managed by the local Primary school and serves as a kind of creche, a meeting room for workshops, and a place for children to come to to colour, socialise and play. Turning it into a cafe wasn't a stretch as the exterior really does look like it should be a cafe!

The fact that it isn't a cafe is our only challenge because it takes time to transform it into something resembling a cafe on the inside. It is half-way there already, but needs a bit of work before cameras can roll. I think it will be a work in progress, changing slightly every time we shoot there. And we've got another September shoot day already lined up - September 23rd, so if you are in Cardiff on that Sunday and fancy being an extra, drop us a line via our message page.

So what can I say about the episodes that we've shot that won't give away too much of the story or the dynamic? Well, if you go to our Series Two Episodes page, you'll see that we have revealed the title and provided a brief synopsis. And while each of our episode titles may seem like they relate purely to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy, they also in fact are also clues to the plot of the episode and help convey the mood or attitude of the characters.

Our opening episode, Planet of Self-Destruction!, revisits the on-going, fan-made controversy of Jodie Whittaker's casting as the Doctor because that annoys and irritates Rob to no end. But soon the episode is careening away from the Doctor Who universe and entering the world of Marvel and DC comics and films. It is a practice that series two will repeat time and time again. Rob, as a life-long Doctor Who fan will always try to discuss something around the series - his series - and his constant sharing of opinions on the forums gets him into a good deal of trouble, but Kim isn't a fan of Doctor Who - at least, not at first, and certainly not of the "classic series". Of course, her relationship with Mike and Rob will take her on a discovery of the series and her resulting observations make for some humorous moments.

Next week I start the edits on our first two episodes and I will also be posting some video interviews with our cast on the website so you can hear a little bit about what is to come from someone other than me! In the meantime, enjoy the glimpse of Planet of Self-Destruction! and Attack of the Space Cow!

September 2nd Filming and we are so very, very HAPPY!!!

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