Production Notes

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

by Ed Sinclair (director and co-writer)

What a feeling! I've just finished cutting the picture edit of Episode Four and it is looking amazing! There is so much more to do including a colour correction, film-look grading, a sound edit and mix, etc, but it is all coming together nicely. And what a dynamic we have this year. I am so thrilled that our production team is growing and growing and we are taking advantage of everything at our disposal to make these episodes as memorable as possible. Of course, none of this would be possible without our stellar cast - and believe me, they are really good. I don't know of any other production as wordy and terminologically technical that requires actors to memorise and be spot on when the cameras roll to achieve our required twenty-six pages a day - not even a day - within mere hours. I have to congratulate the actors on this as I know that what we've given them to do is not easy in the slightest.

But they pull it off. Every time. And they look as though they are still having fun despite it being an intense few hours. Having our own space to shoot in though has helped make things slightly less harried even though we are constantly trying to hide lights, equipment cases, scripts, and other items that would spoil the illusion if caught on camera.

Episodes Three and Four have also seen an addition to our crew in the form of Paul Stephen Edwards of Resonance Music Studio as our new boom operator and sound recordist, so "welcome, Paul!" Paul worked with both Chris and I on a series of short films for the Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner last year and it is great to be working together again. If you ever need a studio to record in or music written for your productions, you should check Paul's website out and get him involved. He's a super-friendly guy and eager to bring a touch of magic to your projects.

We were also fortunate to have so many volunteers show up on the recording day to act as extras in the background and give our set the feel of a real and bustling café. Anoraks creator and lead writer Darren Floyd also put in a cameo or two as the café owner. Darren is no stranger to extra work, so he pulled off the role's on-camera duties impeccably. So, a big thank you to Anna Maria Olshansky, Steven Eynon, Phillip May, Mike Johnson and Richie Haworth for being such amazing extras! Our group shot to the right does make it look like everyone was enthusiastic and happy despite the initially poor weather in the morning. Thankfully we were indoors for most of the day and were treated to our Producer's amazing prepared lunches! I tell you, one of the perks of working with Sian is that she will always provide an incredible spread of home-baked and healthy goodies to keep us going, whether that is during filming or in rehearsals as witnessed the day before. We can't thank her enough for the many hats she wears on Anoraks! Credit must also be given to our fabulous DOP Chris Davies, who not only does the bulk of the

camera work, but he also acts as his own grips and gaffers as well, doing the work of three or more people to achieve our vision.

Next up is to finish off the initial edit of Episode Three - which we filmed after Episode Four - we're timey-wimey like that. Sound edits on Episodes One and Two still need to be done but all the colour corrections and film grading have been completed, and those episodes are looking good too. We've decided to letterbox the series this year and I think it pays off with some beautiful framing. Unfortunately you can't fully appreciate that from these video stills as you are seeing the full screen, so there's a bit more empty space to consider. But that's neither here nor there. These updates are simply for you out there to know that more episodes of Anoraks are on the way and there is a lot of fun to expect in the coming months. Our next filming day sees not one but two guest actors joining the cast, so we're looking forward to that new dynamic. After that, guest actors are plentiful indeed as Anoraks starts to expand it's universe.

September 23rd Filming means we have four complete episodes in the can!

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