Production Notes

Monday, October 8th, 2018

by Ed Sinclair (director and co-writer)

Yesterday, and with a skeleton cast and crew, Anoraks ventured outside for the first location filming of the new series.

With the first four episodes edited and almost ready to go, it may seem like we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves because the location work is for Episode Six, Target: Apocalypse and we haven't even filmed Episode Five yet! But we were keen to take advantage of the nicer autumn weather and try something a little different. This story sees two threads running through it and we cut back and forth between the two. While Rob and Kim are joined by Kim's friend Paz in the coffee shop, Mike is off to meet his old friend, Gerlinde, as played by Emma Jason

It is a happy reunion on the one hand, but also a necessary one for Mike (Andreas Constantinou), as he struggles with a personal dilemma that he has yet to tell the other Anoraks. Will he or won't he manage to get the answers he seeks?

On an unusually sunny day in Bridgend we were thrilled to welcome Emma back to the series - her first appearance after the character's initial introduction in the eighth episode of Season One, The Web of Terror! And it was lovely to witness that familiar chemistry between Mike and Gerlinde as they revisit a friendship that has been allowed to drift apart over the best part of a year.

While the exterior work for the episode is complete, the café filming won't take place until mid-November. The plan is to launch our first five episodes starting this month, with a planned break before releasing the next five in January. However, if you are attending TURN LEFT in

December, you will be able to see Episode Six at the Anoraks Panel on stage, a month before everyone else. We think it is going to be a cracking episode and one that deals not only with the concept of 'loss of power and influence', but an episode that also touches on the issues of ageism and the sense of ownership & entitlement in fandom.

As for the first four episodes of the new series, we are nearly at the stage where they are ready to go. All four have been edited and colour-graded, and episodes three and four have been sound mixed as well. Sound mixing on episodes one and two will take place this week, before filming of elements of the new Title Sequence are to take place on Sunday the 14th. Our new Anoraks theme has also been delivered as well as closing music. Written by musician/actor Steve Johnson of Idle Bones fame, "Superheroes" is an apt description of our cast this year and will help get each episode off to a rocking start. Our collective excitement is growing and we look forward to bringing you an entirely new batch of episodes!

October 7th Filming takes us out of the café and into the sunshine!

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