Production Notes

Monday, November 12th, 2018

by Ed Sinclair (director and co-writer)

Aside from the very powerful reminder of the day, Remembrance Sunday 2018 also marked a significant milestone in our filming schedule on Anoraks - we have officially stepped over the half-way point and are looking at the final stretch of filming dates to complete our second series.

Feedback on the four episodes that have already gone out on YouTube have been more than positive and we are very proud that you, as our highly sophisticated and critical audience, are enjoying them as much as we have been in making them.

From the half-way point and onward, Anoraks will welcome a plethora of guest actors as the storylines for all of our main characters evolves.

In episode Five, we were joined by actors Laurence Clarke (playing novelist Marcus Love), and Andy Futter in the first of three returning guest turns as the megafan Marvin. But this week truly belonged to the ladies, as Kim (played by Sarah Bennington) and her best friend Paz (guest actor Kelly Passaro) dominated the discussion in the coffee shop, much to the detriment of Rob (Brian Smith), who was left at times feeling like a third-wheel.

I have to say that all this female energy on the show made a wonderful change, and while Andreas was missed on set, the scenes he filmed with Emma Jason last month means that once the episode is edited together, the cast for Episode Six is equally gender balanced. And what it gives viewers is a window into the worlds of fandom that has shifted away from the strictly male perspective of series one - this despite the fact that even this episode was written by two guys - sorry! But in any case, writing for female and male characters should not be some politically correct exercise. Both Darren and I try and give all of our characters a grounding in reality and it also helps that during the lead-up to the rehearsals,

and in fact, at the rehearsals themselves, the actors and our Producer, Sian Floyd all have a say in how the characters are represented and anything that doesn't exactly ring true can and will be deleted. In most cases, the actors actually improve on the writing by adding in their own ideas and the odd line here or there. It is only natural if the actors have been inhabiting their characters for as long as ours have.

We also were joined on set by my mother Frances Thorpe - who was visiting from Canada, Steve Johnson, who wrote and performed the theme, and Rachel Price, who has been our Script Editor for some episodes and a Supporting Artist in others.

The day was rounded off by filming the short in-café introduction to the first of our two convention episodes, Episode 7, which saw the return of Andreas Constantinou as Mike.

And for those who haven't yet got their convention tickets, Turn Left is less than three weeks away and there are still tickets to be had. We have decided to reduce the ticket price to £45 permanently, so if you haven't yet decided whether you wish to go, this might be your incentive. Come along and see some really fabulous guests and have a bit of pre-Christmas fun. You won't regret it!

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