Production Notes

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

by Ed Sinclair (director and co-writer)

Well, this month has been kind of quiet but things have been bubbling away regardless. The first thing we did after our launch night in May was to open the Indiegogo fundraiser up to the Internet and we have been trying to hit as many on-line fan groups and forums as possible out there - which is actually, quite time-consuming when you actually come to do it! Phew! We also had a small presence at Fantom Films annual Doctor Who-centred convention, Utopia in Oxfordshire at the start of the month, where we were able to chat with many people about the web series and really promoted it and the on-going campaign. We were even presented with an amazing etched pint glass with our old series one logo by Nigel Moody, who made the item completely by hand as a labour of love.

On other fronts, we have been busy with guest casting for the new episodes because, as we broaden out the story arcs of our main characters we start seeing their relationships with other fans, friends, idols and more. Series two sees the debut of three new recurring side characters and also brings back a fan favourite from series one: Emma Jason returns as Gerlinde in episode six, while Kim's best friend, Paz is introduced in that same episode and really gets under Rob's skin. We hope to officially announce all of our new cast members by the end of June and get bios of them up on the website as well. They're a very talented bunch, and we are incredibly excited to be working with them. Everyone will get the opportunity to mingle at the series read-through on June 28th, where all ten episodes will be revealed. We're really looking forward to "hearing" the dialogue for the first time and we intend to bring you a special report from the night shortly afterwards.

We have also been in talks with celebrity guest cast and so far the prospects are looking great! Some, if not all of the special guests will also be announced soon - we're just waiting on finalising contracts, but we hope that the announcement will help give our Indiegogo fundraiser a little boost for the last week or so of the campaign. While we are so very thrilled with the contributions so far, we are hopeful that more people out there will be able to help us reach our goal. We've had donations from across the UK and Canada, and even a small donation helps project us towards our target. Regardless of the amount you pledge, every donation humbles us and makes us grateful for the support of such a wonderful community of Anoraks friends out there.

The website has been updated, so check out our new comments page along with a series one poll - accessible through the Production Notes page.

Our first rehearsal will be held on July 7th and our cameras start to roll on the 12th and 15th, so we are so very excited! There will be location photos a-plenty to share with you and we will be filming special clips for the DVD we are offering as part of the fundraiser campaign's thank you gifts. So if you would like a DVD of behind-the-scenes banter and possibly a few spoilers, choose that reward from our list of many.


And finally, a few more lines from the scripts to make you sit up and take notice:

"Always with the furries, this one. Literally. I mean, you should have seen..." (ep 1)

"I assume you placed the pre-order whilst inebriated?" (ep 2)

"Imagine if you will that you really like cake..." (ep 3)

"Captain Petard, you are so hoisted!" (ep 4)

"My name is Marvin, but I assure you, I'm not a paranoid android!" (ep 5)

"That’s right - Mad Brad, the sad, narcissistic starf*cker!" (ep 6)

"Well, I don’t know her or even what she is supposed to be, and I certainly don’t want to know him, but you look familiar." (ep 7)

"I had connections! And when I told you my stories, I loved seeing that look of admiration in your eyes." (ep 8)

June Production Update

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