Ed Sinclair

Director/co-Writer/Editor, Anoraks

Ed is a Canadian national who has called Wales home since 2007. An Honours Graduate with a BFA in Film and Video from York University in Toronto, Ed is also an alumnus of the Canadian National Screen Institute’s Totally Television Programme.

Ed has worked in film and television since 1997, most notably as Second Unit Director on Jeremy Podeswa's feature, "The Five Senses" (1999) and as Third A.D. on Mary McGuckian's 2008 feature, "Inconceivable". As a skilled picture editor, Ed has been involved with dozens of projects ranging from the CTV/The Comedy Network series "Behind the Scenes" (1999) to Dave Wilson's award-winning 2011 feature documentary "Boy Dancer". In 1999, Ed was commissioned by the Canadian specialty channel, MuchMusic (now owned by Bell Media) to create a half-hour experimental dance film. He and co-writer, Karen Kew worked with dancer and choreographer, Viv Moore and producer Eliza Haddad to create "Ohm: dance through an electric eye". Three years later, Ed and Eliza approachd MuchMusic with another proposal, and 2003's experimental dance film, "Waking the Witch", (also starring Viv Moore), was the result. "Waking the Witch" was partly shot on location in England and even made the local press in Dudley! The summer of 2004 saw Ed write and direct the award-winning feature television documentary, "Gloriously Free" for OMNI-TV, in Canada, while the subsequent year found Ed and Eliza back in the UK and Kuwait filming the heartbreaking documentary, "Lost Innocents: the Children of War" (also for OMNI-TV). From 2000 - 2002, Ed directed three music videos for the now disbanded Toronto group, Merkury Burn - the video for "Heaven" received a special mention at the MuchMusic awards in 2000.

Over the past decade, Ed's work in Wales has been mainly centred around creating social documentaries for a number of local authorities, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) and the Social Services Improvement Agency (SSIA). He has also been able to utilise his photographic, animation and graphic designer skills for a handful of voluntary organisations, charities, and regional partnerships. The most recent project (2017-2018), was funded by the Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner and concerned the creation of nine ground-breaking short films about abuse for the newly formed organisation, Gwent Safeguarding.

A Mac geek at heart, Ed was once a Technical and Theoretic Instructor for the Media Arts in a wide range of Canadian academic institutions in Ontario and Québec, including Brock University (Kingston), Concordia University (Montréal), The University of Guelph, The University of Toronto, The Ontario College of Art and Design, The Toronto School of Art and York University, and he taught Film-making and Photography for Bridgend Adult Community Learning until 2012. As a younger artist, Ed had the privilege to work with some of the best and most influential video and film artists in Canada including, John Greyson, Nancy Nicol, Vera Frenkel, Colin Campbell, Richard Fung, John Marriott, and Michael Balser. Those associations and apprenticeships helped to solidify Ed's creative and moral approach to the media of film and video and the lessons learned back then are still with him today.

In 2014, Ed wrote, directed and edited a ten-episode comedy audio science fiction series entitled "Flashback" (based on a series of short scenes and scripts co-written in 2001 with the late Michael Balser), that featured, amongst a truly impressive cast of a dozen talented people, the gloriously wicked Sarah Douglas, the exceptionally funny JoAnne Garries, the giggle-inducing Tara Samuel, the brilliant vocal chameleon Nigel Fairs, and the luminous talent that is Viv Moore. The series is now available for free download on Soundcloud and fans are more than welcome to join the Flashback Facebook page.


The past year has seen Ed return to broadcast television as editor and story-teller for the British classic car rally series, "The Hero Cup".


He would like to point out that his comic contributions to Anoraks scripts stem mostly from real-life situations!

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