Darren Floyd

Creative Genius and Head Writer, Anoraks

Darren graduated from the Cardiff Faculty of Art in 1995 with a Fine Arts Degree. Upon leaving Art College he set up the award-winning publishing company RazorBlade Press which would go onto publish fourteen books.

Darren has had around thirty-five short stories and three novels published, the most recent being ‘Match Day’ (ISBN-13: 978-0955714993), and is currently working on his fourth novel. Darren's play, ‘Moments of Lucidity’ - a short centring on a fictional meeting between Elvis and Howard Hughes - was performed at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff.

As a prolific painter, Darren continues to exhibit his works, with past solo exhibitions in London, Bristol and Cardiff. He also submits work for his "annual rejection" from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Darren's Blog


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