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(Final tally will be £2,267.34 after Indiegogo takes their fees & processing charges. We really need your support on these last two days!

UPDATE : June 28th, 2018

With six days to go on our Indiegogo campaign, we are thrilled to announce yet another special guest star and mini-con attendee - Matthew Waterhouse - best known to Doctor Who fans as Adric from seasons 18 and 19 of the classic series. After leaving the show, Matthew continued acting and appeared on stage in many productions including, I Am David, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Brighton Beach Memoirs and Torch Song Trilogy. After he penned his own one-man show, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, he then took up writing as a more permanent career, starting with 2010's autobiography, Blue Box Boy, where he wrote quite candidly of his time on Doctor Who. As a former fan, Matthew is well-suited to be joining the Anoraks cast as a guest artist. More recently, Matthew appeared on stage in Brighton in the production, Brighton, Queen Of The Slaughtering Places. His latest book, Sugar is a collection of four short stories that embrace science fiction, suspense and the supernatural with a unique twist! His other novels, Vanitas - A Comedy of New YorkPrecious Liars and Fates, Flowers, can be found on Amazon.


Joining Matthew, (as previously mentioned) are Sarah Douglas and Louise Jameson.

Sarah's career has been greatly influenced by, (and in many cases, has helped shaped), the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. First leaping to world-wide fame as the wicked Kryptonian supervillain, Ursa in the Superman films of the late 70's and early 80s, she went on to played many scheming villains including the unforgettable Queen Taramis in Conan the Destroyer, the remorseless Jha'dur in Babylon 5, Pamela in V - The Final Battle, and another Pamela in the popular night-time U.S. soap, Falcon Crest. (Her Sci-Fi credentials are practically too many to mention!) While Sarah has not yet appeared in Doctor Who, she was the voice behind the character of Professor Meadows in the video game Blood of The Cybermen, part of the Doctor Who: The Adventure Games series. More recently, Sarah has returned to the DC franchise, appearing as the priestess Jinda Kol Rozz in The CW hit show, Supergirl.

With more than four decades of acting experience, Louise has brought to life some incredible characters. Her television credits are many, including EastEnders, Doctor Who, Bergerac, Doc Martin, The Omega Factor and Tenko. Louise possesses a real passion for the stage however, and continues to appear in production after production, over the years amassing an impressive career "trodding the boards". She has been a big part of Big Finish's various audio ranges - from reprising the beloved Doctor Who character Leela in both Gallifrey and The Fourth Doctor Adventures, to writing and starring in episodes of The Omega Factor, and Survivors.

Louise, Sarah and Matthew will be our guests on December 1st at our special mini-con event in Cardiff - further details of which will be announced not long after our Indiegogo campaign has ended. Check this space to find out how you can get tickets.

So far we have managed to raise £2,166 - but that is just 24% of our total goal. We have had nearly 800 Indiegogo views and our own web site counter just keeps clicking up and up. Your contribution no matter how small or large, really does matter to us. Video production on location is expensive and every little bit that you contribute will go directly towards helping us afford the cost.

As a thank you for contributing to our campaign, we are offering a range of fun perks, from T-shirts and signed prints of Series Two, to badges, magnets, and a specially commissioned Chris Achilléos print from Series One.Also on offer are exclusive DVDs and the chance to be in an Anoraks episode either as a background extra, or in a specially written speaking role! We've already had one contributor who will get the chance to be in an episode, but we've got room for two more! With just six days to go, our Indiegogo campaign truly needs you!

Jason Clifford and James G-J sporting Anoraks Fundraiser T-Shirts at Utopia, Fantom Events, June 8th - 10th, 2018

 Nigel Moody presented us with this one-of-a-kind Anoraks Series One etched pint glass.

 L-R: Chris Davies (DOP), Ed Sinclair (Director), Emma Jason (Gerlinde), Brian Smith (Rob), Andreas Canstantinou (Mike), Darren Floyd (Writer), Sean Floyd (Producer) and Brian Willis (Series One Guest Actor)

at the Anoraks Fundraiser Event, Cardiff, May 25th, 2018

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