Production Notes


Sunday, August  26th, 2018

by Ed Sinclair (director and co-writer)

Finally we can say that Anoraks series two is starting to take shape! The summer was a bit of a tense time for us as we lost Lorna from the cast due to other work commitments, and finding her replacement was a bit hectic on top of wrapping up the Indiegogo fundraiser, but hey, we managed it! We definitely kicked it, and we came through the other side and are now about to start filming our first two episodes a week from today!

Casting the exact right person to play Kim was essential and we took our time to find her. We held auditions and saw eleven candidates - can you imagine? We were thrilled with the response. And let me tell you, there was some amazing talent in that room, but in the end, a tough decision had to be made and we are so delighted to have found our newest Anorak in the form of Sarah Bennington.


Of course, scheduling is still a nightmare because everyone has day jobs and even with the money we did manage to raise from the crowd-funding campaign, we aren't in a position to buy our actors their own trailers and personal stylists just yet. But that reality hasn't dampened spirits in the least. In fact, I happen to know the actors are itching to start filming. And behind the scenes, we are as well.

Over the summer we also managed to find our new location - a community space in Cardiff that just so happens to resemble a coffee shop, and after a bit of set decorating, it should suit our needs very well. But we won't be limited to filming in the "coffee shop". Many of the scripts have elements that get our cast out and about into Cardiff.

Series two is going to be different from the first season in so many ways. It isn't a reboot exactly, but so many new elements have come into play - from a new location to more guest cast, two new crew members, a new theme and title sequence, and our very own one-day convention in December. In many ways it feels like we're going "big" but we only want to bring new storylines to the show and examine the nature of fandom from a lot of different perspectives while having fun in the process.

September is going to be a busy month though, with the first two of our new episodes being filmed and edited, and preparations made for the next batch of eps to go before the camera.

We hope to bring you news from the set and special interviews with the cast and crew as well as a few behind-the-scenes photos of the filming.

And as that is all happening, we'll also be gearing up for Turn Left. Who knew that putting on a convention was so much hard work? Well, it has been fun too, but definitely time-consuming none-the-less. We are hoping to make a few further announcements closer to the date that will provide more details about the day. Even though our guest list is pretty much locked down now, we are still planning and plotting away to make the experience as fun as it possibly can be. So, if you haven't bought your tickets yet, you really should do so. Our early bird price of £40 gets you quite a lot actually, and we think that you will

definitely enjoy yourself. Consider our little convention as your Christmas present to yourself and come along to help us make the day a special one. Remember that we will be filming at the event and we are looking for people to be in the background of some of the scenes as well. So if you fancy putting in your very own cameo in Anoraks this season, Turn Left is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Tickets are limited and the early bird price is only available until September 1st, so hurry!

August Production Update

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